Microsoft Azure

Movtek is investing in a digital future:

Low-power narrowband IOT solutions to power smart cities

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Hong Kong, Movtek is a technology company that is building its future on the Internet of Things(IoT). The company has three primary product lines: smart life (or consumer-facing IoT solutions), industry IoT solutions, and an IoT platform. Movtek has significant that use the NB-IoT protocol, which will soon become the global standard protocol for powering low-power devices.An R&D powerhouse, Movtek holds eight global invention patents and 12 software copyright patents, which include location awareness, energy saving, and IoT algorithm innovations.

Movtek’s solutions solve the last 100-meter IoT issue with easy management, always-on connectivity, reliable performance, and long-lasting battery life. OEM and public service provider partners can use Movtek’s NB-IoT solution to build solutions for the fast-growing smart city and smart life markets, saving considerable time and cost and delivering an exceptional user experience. Examples include wearable devices for healthcare, always-on connected devices for emergency use, and location trackers for pets.

Currently, many market solutions are still 2G/3G/4G-based, which isn’t secure, power-effcient, or reliable. By solving these issues, Movtek has become the leading solution provider for low-power IoT solutions and the pioneer of NB-IoT/LoRa low-power solutions. The company’s solutions are used by most of the Chinese carriers, including China Unicom and China Telecom.

A smart business move—banking on the smart city market

Movtek, an expert on low-power narrowband IoT solutions (NB-IoT), is moving swiftly to capture the market opportunity created by smart cities and smart life. Movtek knows that up to 70 percent of the world’s population will live in urban areas by 2050, and that building the smart cities and consumer solutions to serve them will take billions and ultimately trillions of sensors and M2M connections, all communicating over low-power, low-throughput networks. Microsoft helps its partners place the right strategic bets, create digital ecosystems, and build a platform business on a solid, yet flexible IoT foundation with Microsoft Cloud and Microsoft Azure IoT Suite. Partners drive to insight using Power BI, Cortana Analytics, and Machine Learning, while knowing that every endpoint, from the smallest sensor to devices and the cloud, is secure with Azure.

Microsoft Azure—accelerating innovation with the cloud

Today’s cloud technology is enabling digital transformation on a global scale and Microsoft Azure is the cloud platform of choice for ODMs and their partners. From endpoint to insight to action, across the enterprise and around the world, Azure provides a platform of technologies that can:

Accelerate app innovation through rapid app development and agility in the cloud with preconfgured solutions for the most common IoT scenarios.

Deliver integrated data and intelligence—capture and analyze data in real time for rich insights to intelligence embedded within apps.

Remain open and flexible, so partners can use the tools and technologies they already have and want to use to connect any device, OS, data source, software, or service.

Protect customers’ business assets. As more customers seek digital experiences, they expect the data they share with an organization to be protected. Azure provides end-to-end security: from the endpoint, through the connection, to data, applications, and the cloud.

Enable effortless growth with room to scale—Azure lets you connect millions of devices, terabytes of data, on-premises, in the cloud, and in more than 36 regions worldwide.

Capture your share of the $1.7 trillion market opportunity: Build connected devices and apps with Microsoft Azure IoT Suite. Contact Microsoft today for help envisioning and creating a strategy and roadmap.

Products and Services
Movtek uses the following Microsoft products and services:

Azure Virtual Machines
Azure IoT Hub
Azure Web and Mobile Services

Microsoft partnered with Movtek to create a smart city and smart life strategy. Movtek’s current cloud solution didn’t provide the company with the robust IoT PaaS (platformas-a-service) capabilities it needed to achieve its vision for digital transformation. Almost all of Movtek’s customers are global, so it was essential that the company rapidly evolve its PaaS capabilities with Azure to serve this customer base, future-proof its business, and empower partners with an integrated hardware-PaaS solution they could use to develop their own smart city and smart life offerings.

Movtek’s innovative partnership opportunities

Movtek has moved rapidly to secure key partnerships to take its products to market and scale its business. The company collaborates with leading LoRa, NB-IoT, and IoT organizations and technology companies; carriers; device manufacturers (OEMs); ISVs; and distributors.

Carriers: Movtek serves as the low-power IoT solution provider for leading Asian carriers, providing them with signifcant business and technical advantages over providers offering 2G, 3G, or 4G solutions.

OEMs: Movtek plans to license its technology and hardware designs to OEM partners.

ISVs: Movtek seeks to partner with ISVs to build smart city and other related

community projects.

Distributors: Movtek is seeking distributors to take its Movtek 2C product portfolio to market.

Azure—helping partners capitalize on business opportunity

Movtek selected Microsoft Azure for its business transformation because:

Globalization: Movtek’s IT team realized the company needed a cloud solution partner who could deliver unifed service globally to serve Movtek’s worldwide customers. Movtek’s IT team adopted Azure and integrated the company’s technology into the cloud, enabling Movtek to help partners build solutions faster and more cost-effectively.

Scaling: Azure enables partners to scale device solutions easily. Movtek is working on multiple projects with government agency clients to deliver public healthcare for senior citizens. Azure will support rapid user growth, such as scaling from 50,000 to 5 million end users within one year.

Data PaaS: Azure provides a data PaaS environment for development and deployment, enabling Movtek to deliver new value-added services and adjust them to various user scenarios, which is key to Movtek’s business model.

Security: The Microsoft Azure IoT platform is built on the Trusted Cloud. Microsoft was the frst cloud supplier to be certifed by EU data protection laws and complies to ISO/IEC 27018, the only international set of privacy controls. As a consequence, Azure-certifed devices are trusted by partners and enterprises alike.